Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alternative Energy Ocean Buoy Turbine/Generator

Aloha, My name is Antonio Gimbernat. I would like to share with you an Alternative Energy idea I envisioned sometime at the height of the 2008-2009 Economic Recession. This Alternative Energy Device is a Oceanic Buoy with a Turbine Generator with-in. As the Ocean Waves Surge, the Buoy Rises & Falls, whereby a Cable Rotates the Turbine, thereby Generating Electricity. The Torque is Gaged by the Buoyancy of the Buoy & is adjustable to Generate Desired Torque/Wattage. The Buoy is Anchored/Moored to the Ocean Floor & has a Conduit running from the Buoy's Generator, down to the Ocean Floor where it taps into the Main Conduit. The Main Conduit then runs On-Shore where it is connected to the Grid/Net-Metering Transformer. The amount of Buoys that can be Tapped into the Main Conduit is only Limited to the Voltage (Pressure) & Amperage (Conduit Capacity). The Only Issues that need be troubleshot is the Spacing of the Buoys, Ocean Navigation Safety for Mariners & their Vessels, Environmental Impact (Whales, & other Marine Life. Perhaps a Oceanic Zoning Commission could Zone an Area for Installation? Similar to Real Estate Zoning. Note: I first envisioned this Alternative Energy Device Sometime between 2008 & 2009 at the Height of the Economic Recession. Aloha =)

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