Thursday, September 8, 2011

Can Heart Attacks & Artery Plaque be Cured by the Blood Type Diet?

Aloha Friends,

This past Saturday, I watched a Program on CNN called "The Last Heart Attack", in which Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was interviewed about his Open Heart Surgery.

To watch this Program, click the Following Link:

Not a topic anyone wants to speak about..., but this Program scared & inspired me to start altering what I eat, according to the Blood Type Diet.

(This is a Book available from as a Hard/Soft Back Book or E-Book)

I started this Blood Type Diet which is Based upon One's Blood Type. There are Four Different Blood Types. Blood Type A, Blood Type B, Blood Type AB, & Blood Type O. (Positive or Negitive Does not matter.)

Now this isn't a Diet to lose weight. Rather it is a Diet for better Health & Living.

My Blood Type is (B +) & according to this Blood Type Diet, I am supposed to avoid consuming Corn, Soy, Chicken & Tomatoes because these Foods contain Lectin Proteins that are incompatible with my Blood Type Antigen.

Apparently these incompatible Lectins Agglutinate (Glue themselves) to my Blood Cells which detrimentally affects my Metabolism, making me Lazy & Contributes to Weight Gain.

For Example: The Lectin Proteins in Chicken agglutinate with Type B Blood targeting Digestive Enzymes & interfere with Insulin Production.

So my Question/Theory is: Is this Agglutination of Incompatible Lectin Proteins & Blood Cells, a Contributing Factor in the Development of Artery Plaque?

As we all know, Knowledge is Power, & after being on the Diet for only three days now, I am already feeling less Lazy & Better. I have felt some minor withdrawal symptoms, but that is normal for anyone starting a new diet.

Anyways, I hope you all will check this Book out, because I don't want any of you to have to go thru Open Heart Surgery.

All you need to do is change certain food items in your recipes. For Example: In Salsa/Bean Dip, I am replacing Tomatoes with Dill Pickle Relish. (It works well with Bean Dip);

So use common sense... "Eat this... Not that..." & adjust your Recipes.

It's NOT Easy at first... But you will begin to reap the rewards if you make the Effort.

TAKE CARE! (Literally!)

Sincerely with Aloha

Antonio Gimbernat

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Citizens United Vs F.E.C. Discrepency

(Photo from left to right: Antonio Gimbernat, Audrey Case, Ed Case)

Aloha from Hawaii,

I attended Ed Case's "Ed Case for Senate 2012" Campaign Kick-off Party in Wailuku, here on Maui in Hawaii..., August 26, 2011.

I talked with Ed about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United Vs F.E.C., & how U.S. Corporations who have Factories in Foreign Countries, who employ Foreigners that are generating Foreign Revenue for the U.S. Corporations; which then contribute a portion of this "Foreign made Income" to U.S. Candidates' Campaigns & or for the Production of Independent Political Broadcasts (AKA: Electioneering Communications) "For or Against" a U.S. Candidate..., is quite possibly a Violation of Federal Campaign Law, because Foreign Money can not be used to influence the outcome of a U.S. Federal Election.
Interesting Subject Matter the U.S. Supreme Court Justices might have over-looked?
It appears the Violation is under:
Federal Election Campaign Laws ~ Section 441e: Contributions & Donations by Foreign Nationals; In Conjunction with: 22 U.S.C. Section 611(b) "The term "Foreign Principal" includes... (3) a Partnership, Association, CORPORATION, Organization, or other Combination of Persons organized under the Laws of a Foreign Country".
In Conclusion:
If a U.S. Corporation has Factories in Foreign Countries operating under Foreign Law..., the U.S. Corporation is Prohibited from making Campaign Contributions & or Producing or Financing Independent Political Broadcasts (AKA: Electioneering Communications) "For or Against" a U.S. Candidate(s).
I believe this research to be accurate to the best of my knowledge... & if so... it contradicts the Supreme Court Justices' ruling on Citizens United Vs F.E.C.
Food for thought!
Sincerely with Aloha,
Antonio Gimbernat

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alternative Energy Ocean Buoy Turbine/Generator

Aloha, My name is Antonio Gimbernat. I would like to share with you an Alternative Energy idea I envisioned sometime at the height of the 2008-2009 Economic Recession. This Alternative Energy Device is a Oceanic Buoy with a Turbine Generator with-in. As the Ocean Waves Surge, the Buoy Rises & Falls, whereby a Cable Rotates the Turbine, thereby Generating Electricity. The Torque is Gaged by the Buoyancy of the Buoy & is adjustable to Generate Desired Torque/Wattage. The Buoy is Anchored/Moored to the Ocean Floor & has a Conduit running from the Buoy's Generator, down to the Ocean Floor where it taps into the Main Conduit. The Main Conduit then runs On-Shore where it is connected to the Grid/Net-Metering Transformer. The amount of Buoys that can be Tapped into the Main Conduit is only Limited to the Voltage (Pressure) & Amperage (Conduit Capacity). The Only Issues that need be troubleshot is the Spacing of the Buoys, Ocean Navigation Safety for Mariners & their Vessels, Environmental Impact (Whales, & other Marine Life. Perhaps a Oceanic Zoning Commission could Zone an Area for Installation? Similar to Real Estate Zoning. Note: I first envisioned this Alternative Energy Device Sometime between 2008 & 2009 at the Height of the Economic Recession. Aloha =)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

E-Book Screenplay

I've been Working on my E-Book Screenplay Website I was so excited to make my first Sale to One of my High School Classmates; But I was charged a Processing Fee by's Merchant Account Dept., so they intercepted the Payment in Cyberspace before it even touched my Account! I'm SO GRUMPY ABOUT THIS! This falls under Business Ethics. Anyways... everything is still on track & still looks promising. We will see what the Future Reveals. Sincerely with Aloha, Antonio Gimbernat.