Sunday, January 22, 2012

2010 Hawaii Republican Party Scandal; Change of Party Affiliation for 2012

Aloha Democratic Party of Hawaii, & Registered Voters of the State of Hawaii,

Today, I feel compelled to bring to your attention that I was a Victim of a Scandalous & Corrupt Incident which involved Former Hawaii Republican Party Chairman Jonah Ka'auwai. 

During the 2010 Elections, I was a Republican Candidate for the State of Hawaii's U.S. Congressional District II. 

As of April 27, 2010, I was the ONLY OFFICIAL Republican Candidate who had Pulled Nomination Papers, acquired the required amount of Nomination Signatures & Filed them with the Maui County Clerk's Office & State of Hawaii's Office of Elections. Republican Candidate John Willoughby had Pulled Nomination Papers but did NOT OFFICIALLY File until July 12, 2010; & Republican Candidate Ramsay Wharton did NOT pull Nomination Papers until May 5, 2010!!!
(See Candidates List & Filing Dates below):

On April 27, 2010, Hawaii Republican Party Chairman Jonah Ka'auwai was a Guest on the Rick Hamada Radio Show in Honolulu.

During the Show, a "Random Caller" phoned in & asked the HRP Chairman if there were any Republican Candidates running against Mazie Hirono for Congressional District II:

(Click the Following Link to listen to the Audio File; Once the Sound File Loads, Fast Forward to Time Code: 34:50 & listen thru to Time Code 36:25):

HRP Chairman Jonah Ka'auwai EXCLUDED Antonio Gimbernat's Name (Who was the Only Official Republican Candidate at that point in time) from his Answer to the Random Caller's Question!!!

Jonah Ka'auwai's exclusion of Candidate Antonio Gimbernat's name (as One of the Candidates running against Mazie Hirono), on the Rick Hamada Radio Show is Incriminating Evidence that he was not reviewing the Office of Elections' Candidates List, (which was one of his Responsibilities as HRP Chairman; to know who the Republican Candidates are); OR is Incriminating Evidence that he engaged in Neglect & Discrimination via Bias Favoritism for the "Unofficial" Republican Candidates John Willoughby & Ramsey Wharton.

The Citizens of the State of Hawaii Nominated me. The Hawaii Republican Party's choice NOT to Respect & Acknowledge the Citizens' of the State of Hawaii Nomination is an OUTRAGE!!!

Political Party Ethics imply all Candidates in a Political Party should be treated Equally & given equal acknowledgement by the Political Party & it's Chairman.

After analyzing the Discrimination committed against me, I filed a Complaint with the Federal Elections Commission & they replied to me with the following letter:

The Hawaii Republican Party was clearly Guilty of Committing Discrimination (an Ethics Violation). I believe the F.E.C.'s claim of "Lack of Jurisdiction" is an attempt to "Sweep my Complaint under the Carpet"!

So, for this reason (& another), I have decided to change my Political Party Affiliation; leaving the Hawaii Republican Party & joining the Democratic Party of Hawaii as a Conservative "Blue Dog" Democrat.

I am considering running as a 2012 Candidate for the U.S. Senate Seat being vacated by U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka, & after what I experienced with the Hawaii Republican Party, I will appreciate any & all support from the Democratic Party of Hawaii & State of Hawaii Registered Voters. Mahalo Nui Loa for your Kokua & Support!

Sincerely with Aloha

Antonio Gimbernat

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